Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning


What causes the problem?

"Hard" water contains bicarbonates of calcium or magnesium and is especially likely to cause a coating deposited on surfaces that are in contact with hard water.  When water is heated or evaporation takes place, minerals form rock-like deposits on swimming pool tile and is unsightly, BUT it can be removed!

What is the solution?

We us a non-toxic, water soluble, natural mineral blend that does not affect the pH balance of your pool.  It is safer to use on ALL tile surfaces.  It is environmentally friendly, as well as pet and plant safe.  We do not use harsh chemicals, wire wheels, or brushes, which may scratch or etch your tile.

What is the process?

Our industry -leading, eco-friendly pool  tile cleaning method removes years of hard water deposits and calcium from swimming pool tile or stone surfaces.  This system allows us to safely clean pool tile and remove stubborn pool calcium deposits from pebble-tec, fountains, rock and stone without the use of dangerous chemicals, harsh pumice stone or damaging chemicals.

We implement a revolutionary tile cleaning process that quickly removes build up from tiles using a pressure washer with a special injection nozzle that shoots water and  Kieserite to the tile surface. The water and media removes the hard water deposits and calcium and polishes the tile.  Then, we rinse any debris off of the tile.  The mixture of the media and sediment then falls to the pool floor.  From there it is vacuumed up using our portable retrieval system.  The whole procedure is quick and very inexpensive when weighing out the alternatives.  Kieserite is pH neutral, so it will not affect your pool water chemistry, leaving your pool immediately safe for swimming.

Once the tile is clean and dry, we can  apply a protective sealant, for an additional charge.  This causes the water to bead and run off.  

NOTE:  We will vacuum the sediment and calcium from your pool when we finish, and that will get 80-90% of the material.  However, you will need to vacuum your pool the day after as the fine material often settles to the bottom the next day.  If you don't have time to vacuum you pool, we can take care of that for you.  There is an additional trip charge of $150

What surfaces do we clean?

Surfaces we clean, Commercial and Residential:

  • Pool tile
  • Natural rock
  • Artificial rock
  • Waterfalls and fountains

If you have any questions about any of these surfaces, or any others, feel free to ask. 

What you can expect from your tile cleaning?

In most cases, we can make it look as good as new.  We have found that we can successfully remove 95-98% of calcium stains and your pool will be much improved.

Our mobile unit is fully equipped to restore the luster of your pool tile within hours

Your next step!

A free quote is provided after the surface is evaluated.  Your time is valuable!  Do not waste it cleaning your pool tile with harsh pumice stones or dangerous chemicals.  Call the Clean Touch Pool experts!  817-846-6325